Top 5 ways to detox post Diwali

Top 5 ways to detox post Diwali

Diwali is over and you still have a few weeks before Christmas and New Years. If you over indulged during Diwali, this is a good time to detox so you can have a guilt free New Year celebration.

I truly believe that nutritional changes must happen through lifestyle changes and temporary ‘diets’ don't seem to be effective. But it is also true that festivals must be celebrated and if that means going for that extra laddoo once in a while, it's okay!

Listed below are 5 of my top tips to help you detox and get your body on track, but feel free to use these tips year long and make them a part of your lifestyle.


Yes, it's that simple!

You have probably been indulging quite a bit, which means your digestive system is probably stressed. While hydrating, most people will reach out to drink more water. The truth is, though water is essential for our bodies, it is still not the most effective way to boost your hydration. Your body really does not need 4-6 litres of water per day to run efficiently. If that were true, people in smaller villages with limited access to water would suffer more than we do in our urban lives. If anything, the opposite holds true.

It is true that you need to hydrate, but the water you consume should also come from the food you eat. Think of water rich fruits like watermelons, cantaloupe’s and veggies like cucumbers and celery. These fruits and veggies are rich in fibre and micro nutrients along with water. Your cells are deprived of nutrients and these veggies and fruits contain the water that is readily absorbed by your cells.

So snack on fruits to stay hydrated while on detox.


Let me extend this a little more by asking you to reduce or skip alcohol, tobacco and processed foods as well. Make a commitment to yourself and get a wall calendar to tick dates you manage to stay on track. This could be challenging since November and December is basically an internationally declared holiday and you will have many occasions to go out with friends and family. But replace the martini with fresh lime soda and replace your morning coffee with smoothies.

FACT: Excess caffeine increases the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body and leaves you feeling sluggish and exhausted on a long run.

I should warn you though, if you are addicted to your morning chai, it will take a few weeks of detox symptoms such as headaches to subside. But this is a good sign for you to not quit. Trust me, you will not miss your daily dose of caffeine within a few weeks.


Avoid going into a gym and signing up for a yearly membership you will probably not use till (and limited to) the first week of January 2019. Rather, pick up a skill you would like to get reasonably good at in 4-5 weeks. For example, sign up for a beginners boxing class or indoor climbing program. Maybe try Ariel yoga or salsa classes.

Something new and out of the blue will motivate you to stay regular inspite of the distractions. If you, like me, do not find the gym boring and in fact love lifting weights, take up a 30 day transformation challenge. There are plenty of short-term 30 - 45 day online programs that reward the best transformations in the end. Having an online community motivating you will encourage you to stay on track.

Disclaimer: While the steps given below can be implemented by anyone, professional consultation is highly advised.


Take up the 20- day smoothie challenge where you start every morning for 20 days with a big jar of smoothie. There are a million smoothie pages on Instagram with delicious recipes and many e- books to download or purchase online to give you inspiration. There is no way you will get bored of smoothies for breakfast.

One mistake people make is not making their smoothies high in calories. This leaves you feeling hungry mid - morning where you would likely give in to temptations and eat an unhealthy snack. Adding seeds/nuts and nut butter to your smoothies will make it higher in healthy calories and keep you filled up till lunch. If I want a chocolate flavoured smoothie, I add a few tablespoons of Jus'Amazin Almond Butter - Dark Choco and Jus'Amazin Cashew Butter - Salted Caramel for a creamier flavour. But nothing like waking up to a nutrition bowl of deconstructed ice creams for breakfast!


I recently did a liver and gallbladder cleanse and the video for the same is on my YouTube channel. You could do an easier kidney cleanse by just adding cleansing tea to your daily routine and swapping simple things in your food such as oil’s and sugar for lesser processed options.

A cleanse is mostly followed by an enema or colon hydrotherapy and there is no better way to repair your bowel movement. Plus, once you do the cleanse and start seeing the results, you will be much more conscious about what you put into your mouth. I remember eating overall healthier while doing my liver cleanse and staying away from alcohol for a few weeks before and after because you don’t want to take in more toxin while trying to remove them.

A liver and gallbladder cleanse also increases the circulation of lymph fluid in your body, helping remove the toxins you ingest better. Of course, it is wise to talk to your physician or dietitian before attempting any of these. Most of them though are completely harmless and can be done without much change in your regular lifestyle.

Author: Roshni Sanghvi

I hope the above tips inspired you to take action between holidays and I wish you close 2018 fitter than you started it.

Do mail me or visit my webpage for further questions if you may have or suggestions on what you would like to see me write about.

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