Jus’Amazin Testimonials


Almond Butter: Dark Choco

The Jus’Amazin Almond Butter: Dark Choco is a tasty treat which is a household favourite. Hits the mark on being chocolaty, but not too sweet.

- Mridula Tangirala, New Delhi

Cashew Butter: Salted Caramel

“Jus'Amazin Salted Cashew Carmel Butter is a staple in my kitchen. I create a whole world of delicious things with it: salad dressings, sandwich spreads, cakes, and smoothies. And then there is always the classic winner: a thick layer of it on crisp hot toast. Bliss.”

- Rheea Mukherjee, Co-Founder, Write Leela Write, Bangalore


This is my favourite flavour among the entire range of butters that the company offers. You can never just have only one spoon of it. Goes very well with sandwiches, rolls or just popping it plain in your mouth. The caramel and salt combination does the right amount of magic in your mouth and leaves you wanting for more. It's an amazing alternative for butter/ spreads for all the health freaks and vegans out there.
Also to add, in a time when companies are trying to save some cash by using plastic bottles for packaging, they have managed to go old school and use glass bottles, saving a bit of the waste from ending up in the landfills.

  • Rashmi, Bangalore


Just amazing like its name! I love to pair it with chapatis, toasts etc. Or eat it just like that... Right amount of sweetness and lovely nutty taste...

  • Viveka



Seed Butter: Mixed Seeds

My husband loved Shilpa’s Seed Butter and Cheese so much that he would hide it from our kids and eat in secret!!! We love the texture Shilpa has managed to achieve and the natural sweetness that makes you feel all warm and happy inside!!

- Kritika, Bangalore



Never knew seeds would taste so much better like this.
Loved it. It goes really well with my crackers and dosa. Leading a healthy life with this seed butter.
Keep it up.


This product tastes yummy. It's vegan. It is so healthy. Amazing taste. The quality is very good. Healthy fats.

- Mallika Iyer


Almond Butter: All Natural


As the name says, it’s Just Amazing product. If you are really health conscious and believe in quality products; this is just for you. Breaking the myth that whatever is healthy is not tasty; Jus’ Amazin can be used in different delicious ways...be it a smoothie, a shake or just a roll. Happy eating it 😋😋

  • Farasat Ullah Khan