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Mariam Begg

Hello there! I am Mariam Begg , a Health & Wellness Coach. While pursuing a long and successful career in advertising , 1st as a model and then as a producer I had a keen interest in learning more about optimising my  health, nutrition and dealing with stress.   This has led to a life time of learning, researching and experimenting  a  more holistic approach to living and balancing our busy urban lifestyles.  I studied at the Institute of Integrative nutrition NY and am now a certified Health and Wellness Coach. 

My passionate interest is in helping people  use and embrace the power of locally sourced fruits, vegetables , herbs and spices; cooking them minimally keeping in mind our Indian palates and flavours. I  love teaching people about easy ways to live happier lives and thrive 
I firmly believe  a healthy life need not be one of deprivation and can be one of thoroughly enjoying ones self and taking part in everything wholeheartedly.

Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is India's leading vegan strength and conditioning coach based out of Bangalore. Be it body building or power lifting, she has done it all. Her style of coaching is unique and interesting. It is fierce and yet subtle. Combining the principles of strength training, animal flow, BodyShred, crossFit and yoga, she will customise plans that suit individual body types. Roshni has been mentioned often among the top Vegan trainers in India and trains clients worldwide online as well as owns and operates her own centre's in Bangalore and Mysore. Watch out for her unique and witty self daily through her Insta stories on Instagram @roshnisanghvi.



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