FAQ's About Products

How many types of Almond Butters do you have?

We made almond butters in 3 different flavors –

  • Almond Butter – All Natural (Unsweetened)
  • Almond Butter – Dark Choco (with Raw Cacao)
  • Almond Butter with crunchy Flax Seeds

I can see some oil floating on the top of the jar. Is there something wrong with the Butter?

This is a natural process of oil separation, which happens since we do not use any chemical emulsifiers. There is nothing wrong with the product – you can just stir the butter to mix the oil and use it.

How can I use this product?

These are healthy and delicious spreads with are packed with nutrition like high proteins, minerals and vitamins It can be used on bread, with dosa, with paratha, on pancakes, in a smoothie, to make salad dressing, can be added to idli-dosa batter to make everyday food more healthy and nutritious.

Does this have trans fats?

None of our products (Almond Butter, Organic Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, and Seed Butter) have trans fats.

Where is your production facility?

Our production facility is in Bangalore – and the address is mentioned on the label.

Do you have FSSAI certification?

Yes, we have FSSAI certification, and the FSSAI License number is mentioned on the label

How do you know your organic ingredients are really organic?

All organic ingredients used by us are certified by our suppliers, who are large players in the organic produce market in India.

Do you make fully organic products?

Yes, our Peanut Butters are made from 100% organic ingredients

The products have a very high fat content … that means they can’t be healthy!

Nuts and seeds are naturally high in fats, so the products are high in fats. However, since these are all plant based (and not animal based), the fats are all good fats – there is no cholesterol at all. But since the fat content is high, it is best to consume in moderation for a balanced nutrition.

I have not heard about this company before – does it have any other products? How do I know that the products are good?

The company has been started by 2 parents and it is a start-up. This is the first line of products and it is made with the same love and care as when one makes food for the family. It is founded by reputed people who have more than 35 years of experience in the corporate world and have been educated at the best colleges, like IIT-D, IIM-A, London School of Economics and University of Sussex.

Are these products suitable for vegans?

Yes, all of our products are suitable for vegans as we do not use any animal products (no dairy, no honey).

Do you supply in bulk / customize products?

Yes we do supply in bulk – for companies, for events, festive occasions etc. Customization may be feasible in some cases, and would be a function of the volume of the order. For more information you may kindly send us an email on info@jusamazin.com