Chocolate Peanut Butter

What is Peanut Butter?

All across the world, various types of nuts are enjoyed as additives, cooking ingredients, and snacks owing to their flavors and crunchy textures. Some people love roasted and spiced nuts while others love them in curries or other dishes, such as salads. As far as nuts go, peanuts have been reigning supreme for their affordability and versatility. Like other legumes, peanuts constitute natural protein foods.

A beloved product made from peanuts which is famous across the globe today is peanut butter. It is most commonly used as a spread in sandwiches or a dip for finger foods. If you crave something sweet for dessert, natural peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, or crunchy peanut butter may be your dip of choice.

Why is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Compared to other natural protein foods, peanut butter perfectly marries taste with nutrition. Natural peanut butter or organic peanut butter are rich in proteins, minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc, and vitamins such as niacin and Vitamin B6. Due to these nutrients, peanut butter helps in building muscles, has a high satiety value, and protects your body cells from oxidative stress.

How to Choose the Right Type of Peanut Butter?

While natural peanut butter is one of the healthier natural protein foods, a person needs to consider a number of factors before choosing their product. Processed forms of the product containing sweeteners can lead to multiple lifestyle diseases.

Apart from sugar, many peanut butter variants contain additional salt and oils. This has lead to the advent of organic peanut butter, which is made with minimal additives, salts, and caloric items. This variety of peanut butter is free from gluten, dairy products, soy, trans fat, chemicals, and is also 100% organic. So, organic peanut butter is also low in calories and cholesterol, making it a wholesome healthy food item.

Other variants in peanut butter include chocolate peanut butter, which is made from peanuts, jaggery, raw cacao, and organic sugar, and crunchy peanut butter, which has some chopped nuts and seeds that gives it a crunchy texture.

Though peanut butter is very versatile as an ingredient is extremely healthy, the various flavors and varieties in it, such as chocolate peanut butter, crunchy peanut butter, low-fat peanut butter, etc. have made it increasingly popular for all age groups.