30-Second Almond Drink Unsweetened (10 X 25g sachets) | 6g Protein Per Serving

  • Rs. 540.00
  • Rs. 600.00
- 10%

A first of its kind in the world. This product comes in a paste form and helps make creamy, delicious almond milk anytime, anywhere.

Made with a single ingredient  100% Almonds, each 25 gm sachet provides 6 gms of Protein. The product is high in dietary fibre, calcium, iron, vitamin-E and Vitamin B2.

Uniqueness Quotient

Made in a dedicated Dairy, Gluten and Soy-Free Facility

How Can It Be Used?

The prepared milk can be used for making warm beverages (Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Turmeric Milk), cold beverages (Cold Coffee, Milkshakes), smoothies and soups.