Roasted Almonds With Flax - Sweet n Salty

Almonds with Flax seeds attached to them, with a mildly sweet n salty flavour gives a new twist to healthy snacking with our favourite nuts and seeds ! With 24% protein, rich in dietary fiber, omega-3, iron and calcium, this is an ideal protein rich snack for your 11 am (or 4 pm) hunger pang. Also a perfect addition to your kids tiffin box.

Ingredients / Composition: Almonds,Organic Flax Seeds,Organic Raw Sugar,Organic Rock Salt,Organic Sea Salt.

How To Use:Almonds and Flax seeds never tasted so good - enjoy your Guilt Free Snack at home, at office, in the gym, on the go, in the car, in a meeting or send it in your child's tiffin box !

Shelf Life: 4 Months