Organic Peanut Butter: Sweet and Salty

Made with certified organic ingredients and zero hydrogenated fats this peanut butter marries the wonderful flavor of salted peanuts with organic jaggery to provide the absolute fine balance between sweet and salt that makes this butter a hit with people across age-bands. 

    • What’s It Got? Organic Peanuts, Organic Rock Salt, Organic Jaggery, Protein: 26.5% Micro nutrients: Folic Acid and Calcium. Great With: Dosas, Smoothies, rolled up in Chapatis, Bread
    • Nutritional Information Per 100 Grams: Energy: 605Kcal Protein: 17 grams Total Fat: 45 grams (Saturated Fat: 7 grams I Transfat: 0 grams) Total Carbohydrates: 32 grams (Sugar: 11 grams I Dietary Fibre: 7 grams) Sodium as NA: 0.05 grams Micro nutrients: Folic Acid and Calcium.
    • Suitable for Anyone who wants to eat healthy; Diabetics; Vegans; Vegetarians; People who are allergic to Dairy/ Gluten/ Wheat/ Soy/ Lactose/ Peanuts; and Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers.** Not suitable for those with tree-nut allergy.

      **Disclaimer: Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers should consult a doctor prior to starting any food options not already recommended by the doctor.



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